Eyelash extensions help to make your life so much easier – forget about mascara and wake up as beautiful as ever. You are able to swim, work out and go to sauna with your eyelash extensions without having to worry about running mascara.

Extensions give your eyelashes maximum volume; and at the same an extremely natural result may be achieved. Before application of the extension the technician discusses with you your wishes about the result, and gives recommendations based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Classical mink eyelash extensions

  • Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes with a special waterproof bonding agent.
  • Eyelash extensions may be made of different materials. We use mink lashes, which however are not made of the hair of the actual mink – lashes are synthetic and processed by a specific  technology.
  • Lashes with different length are used for an eye, shorter lashes are usually applied to the inner corner of the eye and longer lashes to the outer corner.

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Volume lashes

  • Volume lashes technique enables to apply up to seven ultra thin extensions, which are turned by a special technique into a fan, to one natural lash.
  • The result is dark, lush and natural.
  • The fan of volume extensions is lighter on your own lashes than a classical lash extension, so you don’t have to be afraid that it will be too heavy for your lashes.
  • The length, curve and thickness of lash extensions are selected personally for each client according to the shapes of client’s eye, eyelid, eyebrow and strength of natural lashes.
  • Eyelash extensions look also nice on people who wear glasses. In that case usually the maximum length of extension is used – 12 mm. You can also have eyelash extensions when you wear lenses.

How to take care of eyelash extensions

  • We recommend avoiding water procedures (washing the eyes, swimming, and going to the sauna) for 24 hours after the application of extensions, because the adhesive needs to dry out.
  • Avoid contact of lashes with moisturizers, eye creams or makeup removers. Do not use products with high oil or alcohol content, for they might weaken the binding of adhesive.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and touching the lashes (sweat and oiliness are the enemies of lash extensions).
  • Always clean the eyes from makeup residues, dust and dirt.
  • We do not recommend using mascara on the extensions, nor is it necessary, for the extensions are long, dark and lush in themselves. When you have volume extensions, then applying mascara may glue the lash fans together and the result is not very nice.
  • If necessary, you can use a lash brush to brush and style the extensions.
  • You should pay regular  touch up visits to the technician every 2 – 4 weeks.
  • During touch up, the loose lashes are removed and new lash extensions are applied to replace lashes that have fallen off.
  • Frequency of touch up visits depends mostly on how strong  your own lashes are  and how long is the natural growth cycle of your lashes.  The growth cycle of lashes may vary depending on the time of the year; for example in spring and when you are stressed, the lashes fall off more often.
  • The interval between touch up visits of volume lashes is usually longer than that of classical extensions. Volume lashes are lighter for your own natural lashes and therefore last better.


Eyelash technician

  • Application of classical eyelash extensions: 49 € (1,45 – 2h)
  • Touch up of classical eyelash extensions: 35 € (1,5 – 2h)
  • Application of volume lashes: 55 € (2h)
  • Touch up of volume lashes: 45 € (2 h)
  • Removal of eyelash extensions: 15 € (30 min)