The voucher of Hairlook Salon is the best gift idea for all those who wish to contribute to the health and looks of their friends or acquaintances. A voucher is a good present in any occasion and leaves a long-lasting memory to your loved ones.

The voucher of Hairlook Salon is a valid means of payment for the services and products of the salon.

Vouchers are available for the value of 10€, 30€ and 50€.

A voucher is personal and should be used within 6 months. The value of the voucher is not refunded, the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and lost vouchers are not replaced. When the fee of the provided service exceeds the value of the voucher, the part in excess should be paid extra.

Vouchers can be purchased from the Hairlook Salon or ordered through our website. When wishing to order from the website, please send your request at the e-mail address info@hairlook.ee . We will contact you immediately and your vouchers will soon reach you.


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